Not all motors and fans are the same and ventilation is an extremely important thing to keep in mind when investing in a spray booth. USI Italia always features strictly reverse-blade industrial turbines that are mounted directly to the motors.
This high pressure ventilation system enables USI Italia spray booths to work with constant air flows even if filters are dirty, so there is no need to install additional air inlet systems for the flash periods.
Without any transmission equipment (belts, tensioners and pulleys, for example) there is no need for the type of maintenance that is normally needed by all transmission ventilation systems. The generous distance between the blades means that they can be cleaned without difficulty, rather than having to undertake extraordinary maintenance operations.
USI Italia will never skimp when it comes to quality or reliability, and that's why all of our motors are energy-efficient and equipped with superior motors and variable frequency drives. By saving 60% of energy use over traditional installations, USI Italia customers will see the results almost immediately after acquiring one of our spray booths.