A Booth with a Brain and a Plan in Mind Every Time
USI Italia's patented EPS System is every painter's ideal assistant for each cycle, as it it suggests the most efficient process in real-time, thereby automatically regulating the airflow, timing, temperature and phase sequences, just to name a few. The EPS enables you to obtain high-quality work in the shortest time and at the lowest cost possible for each type of work that happen every day in a body shop environment.
Our EPS system improves the energy efficiency of the booth because the settings are automatically adjusted by the machine, while the painter is able to focus more on the specific application.
Combining world-class technology, such as VFDs, direct-fired systems and industrial computers to provide a fully-automated painting process with the best combination between paint, components and project type, our EPS System is one-of-a-kind.
Using our EPS System is like hitting the brake in a vehicle that is equipped with an ABS system that regulates the car's braking force perfectly. With USI Italia's patented EPS, the power of the system is in the hands of the painter and the results are unparalleled, saving you time, money and energy while producing a tremendous product every time.