If you try to call some companies for customer support, well--good luck. You can't reach them via email and forget about trying to call them on the phone. Some very successful organizations don't believe in strong customer service, but at USI Italia, our relationship only begins after you've purchased a product from us. That's why we have the finest record of follow-through and client support in the spray booth industry today.

In 2008, we unveiled our ground-breaking Remote Customer Service feature and it immediately changed the way users get help when they have questions or issues. No longer do paint professionals or support personnel have to wait for days to find out solutions and get the information they need to proceed before watching money as it flies out the window.

By accessing both our Online Troubleshooting and periodical updates in your USI Italia spray booth, users can now avoid expensive downtime, thereby helping you to achieve shorter cycle times while impacting your production schedule in a positive way.

Whenever a system reports an anomaly, users simply need to activate the customer service icon to alert USI Italia and USI of North America. A dedicated technician will diagnose the system in real-time over the Internet and respond with precise answers promptly.