When you get a piece of equipment that allows you to excel, you stick with it and attain more if you can. And that's why Carubba Collision in New York recently acquired its third USI Italia spray booth after acquiring its original two booths starting back in 2017. This MSO has been relying on its USI booths at its West Syracuse and Utica locations for more than a year now with great results, and that's why the company purchased its third booth for its Olean location recently.
With 18 locations spread out across New York from Buffalo to Syracuse and including Oneonta, Amsterdam, Elmira, Utica and beyond, Carubba Collision has been serving the collision repair needs of the Empire State for more than 60 years. Established in 1955, Joe Carubba’s father started the business, and today it is the largest MSO in New York as it enters its third generation.
After its first two USI booths proved themselves time and time again, Carubba added its third booth to tap into all of the product's myriad advantages. It all starts with the world's fastest painting cycle, with the shortest flash-off and curing times on the planet. Designed specifically to be used with waterborne products, USI Italia spray booths are durable and reliable while saving collision repairers time, energy and money while painting more cars with precision performance.
By featuring shorter curing times with the highest flow available anywhere provided by USI's patented Turbofan system, the energy savings are huge and the results are exceptional, according to Carubba's Assistant to the President/CEO Randy Pinkowski. With USI's exclusive air recirculation system Carubba is getting fantastic results and will never need additional gadgets in their booth, such as blowers, IRT or compressed air heating systems.
Carubba appreciates all of the cutting-edge technology that is in every USI spray booth and happy to be tapping into it with his third booth. The entire painting process is controlled and fully automated through USI's patented Easy Paint System. It takes all of the guesswork out of the process, because with every cycle, the EPS suggests the most efficient process with each vehicle in real-time and enables Pinkowski's crew to obtain the highest quality results in the shortest time at the lowest cost overall.
One of the main reasons why Pinkowski purchased his third USI booth was the fact that the company provided the same top-notch support and follow-up that he received after acquiring his first two booths. “The people at USI were very knowledgeable and willing to do anything to help us with the first two booths, so purchasing this third one was a very easy decision," he said. "We knew what we were getting and that made it a no-brainer." Pinkowski now relies on his newest USI spray booth every day and is confident that they will be called upon to handle heavy loads as time goes on, as well as making his shops more profitable, just like what the first two have achieved.
“Right now, we’re using these spray booths to save time and money," he said. "We save time because we're painting the vehicles more quickly and we never get comebacks because the quality is exceptional. In addition, we use less energy, and our painters are comfortable using these booths.
Our USI booths outperform all of the other booths we own, mainly because of the way they work.
This means that we get more productive hours out of them while improving cycle time and increasing our profitability.” Currently, Pinkowski has two painters at each of his three locations that are using the USI Italia spray booths. "Even our new painters were able to get a feel for these USI booths quickly and have mastered the ins and outs of them fast," he said. "I’m fairly certain that none of our painters had used this type of booth before. It was all new to them – how it worked and what it does differently – but they adapted very easily.
At this point, we’ve done three hands-on training sessions with USI, in which the painters actually get to paint something and learn the process from start to finish. The first time, they worked on a bumper and then once they gained some confidence, they got to do complete jobs.”

Pinkowski is impressed with the team at USI and has undoubtedly benefitted from his relationship with USI personnel. “Their communication was amazing and it made the entire process easy."
The contractors that USI brought in to assemble our third booth all did a wonderful job and exceeded all of our expectations. They were on time with everything and very detail-oriented.
The communication was phenomenal, so we knew what was going on before it was going to happen, which isn't always the case with other suppliers.”